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The Importance of Puppy Classes
4/17/2010 5:05:31 PM
In this post puppy classes and play will be discussed.
3/25/2010 12:43:06 AM

All puppies have gone to loving new homes! After only being on the adoption floor for a day, both WFP (now Hank) and MRF (now Audreana) have stolen new hearts and gone home.

Puppies ready to go home!
3/14/2010 9:19:43 PM
Update on current fosters.
puppy training
3/2/2010 7:54:32 PM
Yes, with positive reinforcement training even pups as young as these can be easily trained. This post displays the puppies as they work on learning some self-control.
The power of 'wait'
2/14/2010 4:04:30 PM

Wait can be very useful, and can be very easy to train. It is all about boundaries!

Lucky and pups
2/14/2010 4:04:30 PM

Fosters brought home Jan 26th. Mom is a small beagle, approximately 3 years old. She is nursing 3 puppies, all with classic beagle colouring but have noses resembling pugs. Mom is housebroken and taking very good care of her pups! Puppies are two female, and one male (male has the mainly white face). See our image gallery for images as they grow and learn!
UPDATE: as the pups have grown, they are losing their nose wrinkles.. still have very cute faces. :)

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