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Update on current fosters.

The foster puppies are back at the shelter, and will be ready for adoption on Wednesday. Runt has found a home, the other two (WFP and MRF) are still available. WFP is a very mellow, submissive, sweet fellow, while MRF is a feisty, full of mischief, ready to steal your heart female. Puppies have been exposed to a variety of adults, children, dogs, and cats by 9 weeks old.  If you have further questions, please contact me. Momma will be ready for adoption in a few weeks.
 Follow the link for a video of puppy play (because who can resist that) as well as a short lesson on bite inhibition. All puppies use their mouth to explore their surroundings, some more than others. When they use you as a chew toy, this isn't actually a bad thing! Their explorations now help us teach them to inhibit their bite, so if they do feel the need to bite as an adult dog, the damage will be little. In the video, I am playing a bit of tug with Runt. When she gets my fingers, I startle her with an 'ouch', and redirect her to mouthing the tug toy instead. Our goal with puppies is to teach them that human skin is a fragile thing, so they keep their mouthing gentle.
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