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The Importance of Puppy Classes
In this post puppy classes and play will be discussed.

After you choose your new puppy and prepare your home for their arrival, the fun doesn't stop there! One of the most important things you can do to help your puppy's growth and development is to enroll in puppy classes at a training facility. When choosing where to go, make sure the puppy classes utilize non-punishing techniques! You want your puppy to build a bond with you, and learn training is fun, which will only happen if they enjoy the process!
Puppy classes also help with socializing your puppy. Ideally, they will have several puppies, owners, and types of people to introduce your puppy to. The more things your dog is introduced (in a non-scary way) to at a young age, the better they will be able to adapt to novel situations and people as adults. Puppy classes should incorporate greeting new people (including children), as well as puppy play sessions to lean how to appropriately act with other dogs.
Littermates and housemates don't count! Your dog needs to meet all sorts of other animals and people, in order to learn how to act!
In this video (click image to view), you get to meet Hank and Zuul, approximately 3 months old at the time of the video. They are learning to play with each other. Notice the play bows they offer each other, as well as switching roles of 'top dog'. Pups tend to congregate near humans, so it is important to keep moving to give the dogs ample room if they start piling up on top of you. Can you tell what they are saying to each other? If not, consider scheduling a Canine Body Language session, or post your questions!
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