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Helping your companions achieve their potential
Group Training

We offer many opportunities for you and your pup, all centered on the goal of obtaining the relationship and behavior you desire for a long, happy life together. See links to the left for more details.

Group Training:

Join us at
North Coast Dogs for group training classes that focus on basic behaviors.

Dogs are from Pluto

Just adopted a puppy and his antics are driving you wild? Adopt your first dog and wondering ‘What now’? Or is the new addition to your family joining your pack and you just want a way to create and strengthen the bond between you? Let us help you find out how!

Canine Body Language:

Wish you could know what your dog is thinking? Wondering why he seems to ‘blow you off’ just when you need him to listen the most? Are you a dog professional, and would like to learn safe, low-stress handling techniques that will help your canine visitors feel more at ease? This seminar is for you!

Temperament Evaluations:

Let us help you find your next pup! Using proven methods we will help you evaluate the different options, so you can find a dog or puppy that will fit your lifestyle.

HOPE Program:

Helping Other’s Puppies Excel: New Breeder? Millionth litter? Many adult dog behavior problems can be greatly reduced by steps taken from the moment the litter enters the world to the week they go home. Help your litter obtain their potential!

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